The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, October 24, 2011

Things to Remember

Awhile back I did a post about things I wanted to remember about the girls, and I figured it was about time for another one.  So here goes.  Here are some things I never want to forget!

Belle saying that something happened lasterday.  I don't know why I find this so cute, but I do.

Molly being the world's biggest cuddle bug.  She is a momma's girl for sure and she loves to cuddle up with me whenever she can.

Belle's talking in general.  She comes up with the craziest things to say.  She has such a great imagination.  And I know that she should be quiet when going to sleep, but it is pretty presh to hear her singing and talking to herself at bedtime.

Molly saying, "hold me, hold me." 

Molly eating anything and everything she lays eyes on.  I am sure this will stop at some point.  But seeing her shove a fist full of vegetables in her face is something I think I should remember for that point when she won't touch anything green.

I want to remember how great the girls get along.  Of course we have our moments of kicking, pushing, hair pulling and hitting, but for the most part the girls love each other.  I can't get enough of them spontaneously giving each other hugs and kisses or when they play together outside holding hands and walking all over the yard.  Isabelle won't even go in the older kid class at Bible study because she wants to stay and play with Molly.

Isabelle telling me I am her best friend and then saying, "I love you, friend."  I know that one day I will need to remember this piece of information.

Isabelle calling everyone by their full names, including Jason and I.

Molly copycat-ing everything Isabelle does.  It is so adorable and yet so irritating.  Adorable when she copies her singing or dancing, irritating when she copies Isabelle putting her food on the kitchen floor.

My girls are pretty amazing, adorable, wonderful, funny, crazy, adventurous, energetic, determined, smart, creative, beautiful little ladies.  I am so blessed to be their mom, and I hope that I can remember most of the fun things they do!


  1. What sweet memories! It's a great idea to write these random thoughts down before they are lost!

  2. Lasterday! That's awesome! They are sweet pumpkins.