The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, January 7, 2011

Things to Remember

There are lots of things about this time in the lives of my girls that I hope to be able to remember when they are older.  I am confident that if I do not write them down, I will never be able to remember everything I want to, so I decided to make a short list of things I want to remember.


I want to remember you politely asking to pick my nose.  I said no.
I want to remember that you had to have pink, yellow and white in order to go to bed (blankets) along with every stuffed animal on your bed.
I want to remember you brushing your teeth in my bathroom, spitting in the bathtub, and turning on the water to get a drink.
I want to remember the first time you said, " I. Love. You."  Not just, "you, too."  What makes it better is that you said it out of the blue, not in response to anything.
I also want to remember how you always say, "Bless you" after someone sneezes.
I want to remember how good you smell.  Even your breath smells good to me!
I want to remember how sweet you are to your sister.  Giving her hugs and kisses whenever she wakes up from a nap, telling her goodnight before you lay down, asking about 'sister', and playing peek-a-boo with her in the living room.
I want to remember that you never wear matching socks.  NEVER.
Lastly, for now anyway, I want to remember your love for prayer.  Seriously, you pray like 20 times a day.  I am confident that will serve you well later in life.


I want to remember you swaying to music.  Your sister never swayed like you.  It is SO funny.
I want to remember you shaking your head.  I was worried at first, but the Dr. said it was fine so now I can just think it is adorable.
I want to remember all of the ways you are different from Isabelle including how incredibly mellow you are as well as how much louder you cry when you are upset!
I want to remember (for a funny story later) that you constantly tried to suck on Isabelle's toes (GROSS), and that I had to often discipline Isabelle for letting you.  GROSS, again.
I want to remember your laugh at this age.  It is the best.
I want to remember how fast you crawl to your dad when he gets home from work.
I want to remember your addiction to the paci.  Mostly I want to remember you clinging to one paci while sucking on another one. 
I want to remember that you aren't as tough as Isabelle and that is okay.  Being tough isn't always better.  Sometimes being sensitive is better.  I am not sensitive, so I should know!!!
Lastly, for now, I want to remember your incredible, one dimple smile that lights up my life.

If you are a mom, be sure to write down what you want to remember.  I am pretty sure that when you are older and your kids are grown you will be thankful you did.


  1. Man, givin' me the misty eyes at work! I love you, hon - and everything you've written is so true!

  2. I want my kids to remember to be an amazing woman/mom like you! I wish I would have thought to write these kinds of things down! Now that my kids are older, it would be nice to have that list! For any mom that chooses to take the time to make a list like this, it might be just the thing to re-energize when you are exhausted and totally done being a parent!