The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, January 31, 2011

A List

Because I am tired.  Because I have lots of random thoughts.  Because I want to.

A List

1.  My favorite Mexican restaurant of all time, Mi Cocina, is coming to Tulsa.  I am counting the days until they open.

2.  Isabelle has started sticking cereal up her nose.

3.  The nosefrida is a great tool for getting cereal out of noses.

4.  The blackberry cobbler I made for Jason was delicious.  It was also ridiculously easy to make.

5.  Every time I leave the drive through at the bank I run over a curb.  I am sure the bank people have figured out that I am going to do it EVERY time and now stand around and laugh.

6.  Today I also ran into something in my garage.  Since there is no evidence of what I hit, I am not going to say so Jason doesn't get mad!!!!

7.  Once, I ran into the house.

8.  Apparently I am not a good driver.

9.  Molly is getting another tooth.  It is making her miserable.  Isabelle never had this much trouble with teething. 

10.  I am officially in love with foundation primer

11.  I LOVE snow, but I hate that it means all my appointments will cancel.

12.  I couldn't finish on an odd number because I am weird.

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  1. I literally laughed out loud!!!!!!! You completely crack me up!