The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I.......

bought $84 worth of diapers.

made the most delicious cookies EVER..homemade oreos.  Recipe courtesy of Crowley Party blog.

delivered some Mary Kay products.

did laundry.

did dishes.

got ready to visit our friends, Michael and Rochelle, and their adorable son, Max.

played with the girls.

realized that I still have not written down anywhere that Molly said Dada on Christmas and got her first tooth on 1-11-11.

did not drink enough coffee.

got excited about the Toby Mac concert tonight. 

ate leftovers for lunch, AGAIN!

did not take a nap or scrapbook or read during the girls nap time, but instead painted my fingernails and watched tv.

decided to keep track of all the books I read this year and blog about them in December.

told my husband he was right. 

wished I had a more interesting blog topic!

What did you do today?