The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Recap

I realize all the Christmas blogs have come and gone.  In fact I have already posted my goals for 2011, but this past weekend we celebrated our last Christmas celebration with my dad and step-mom, finishing up our Christmas season.  We started with celebrating with my mom and siblings on December 18th and just finished yesterday.  WOW.  That is a LOT of Christmas cheer.  Seriously though, we did have a great time and the girls are now expert present openers or in Molly's case an expert wrapping paper eater.

Since we are finished, I thought I would give a quick recap and post a few photos.

December 18th:  We celebrated Christmas with my mom and siblings with our traditional breakfast/brunch get together.  We eat breakfast and then tear into our presents.  We then spent the whole day hanging out, playing games, watching movies, and eating ourselves sick.  This year we also added a puzzle to the mix! 
December 24th:  Game night at our house.

December 25th:  Christmas morning with just Jason, myself and the girls.  We hadn't put any presents under the tree because the girls kept getting into them, so Christmas morning was quite a shocker for Isabelle.  As I have mentioned, Molly was pretty clueless.  She did like her new Bear-Bear from Aunt Leigh, but the wooden teether, blocks and clothes were totally ignored!  Isabelle saw her new kitchen and once she figured out it was hers, she was good to go!  Christmas lunch was spent with family eating delicious chicken fried steak that Jason prepared!  He is such a good cook. 

December 26th:  Breakfast/brunch with Jason's mom and grandparents.  We had a great pancake breakfast and Isabelle was in heaven being able to open MORE presents. 

Fast forward to this past weekend January 8th:  My dad and step mom came down to spend the weekend with the family.  We opened presents pretty much right after they got here and then later that evening had a taco fiesta.  After all, nothing says Christmas like tacos, right?  We had a great time with them here and Isabelle is still wondering where Poppy and Gigi went and when they are coming back!!!

Now for some pictures!!

Isabelle playing with her new pink kitchen on Christmas. 

Molly and Belle playing.

Not a great picture, I realize, however these were the BEST cinnamon rolls EVER.  We made these Christmas morning and had so many we sent some home with my sister and mom and took some to my next door neighbor, Mary! 

Belle chillin' in the new wagon.  Technically this wagon is for both Isabelle and Molly, but for the time being Isabelle has claimed it as her own.  Pretty sure she loves it!

We had a great Christmas but every year we are glad when all the craziness is over.  We took down our tree, put away the Christmas decorations and finally feel ready to start the new year!


  1. adorable. I just did my Christmas recap as well!

  2. thanks alycia! i love christmas, but i am glad to be back to my normal routine!