The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Embrace the Camera-Sister Edition

It is Embrace the Camera Day! 

And I have pictures!  What the what?  It is sister edition today.  No pics of the kiddos!

Our first race ever.  Jason, my sis, my bro and I all completed the OSU Scrub Run.

My sister is a runner.  Like a serious runner.  She has completed many 5k's as well as a couple of half marathons and a marathon.  She is in the process of training for her second marathon as we speak.  It is kind of crazy considering she once told me the only reason she would ever run was if she was being chased.

I try to go to all of her races.  I have only missed three.  One that was out of town, one when I was in the hospital and one I am not sure why.  I usually try to get a pic of us together at her races. I haven't succeeded each time, but in the spirit of embracing the camera I thought I would post pics from her races I have attended and put in the pics I have of us together.

pretty sure this is her first Tulsa Run.

Route 66...think she did the half.

Our second OSU Scrub Run.  This time my bro-in-law and niece joined us.

Aquarium Run with Lauren

Tulsa Run...I was preggers with Isabelle

first marathon

another Tulsa run...i think

OSU Scrub Run this year

This last pic is from her latest Tulsa Run.  She is pretty amazing.  She inspires me to run....and then I  what?  that is crazy talk.  I think jogging is more my thing.  It sounds better than running really, really slowly.  I love my sis.  She is my bff and I think she is pretty awesome!


  1. These photos are so CUTE!!!! What great memories!!!

  2. Cute! sister love! way to go on the run; that's an accomplishment no matter what distance!

  3. I so love my two daughters! I thank God every day. I don't think i have remembered or carried thru with any thing more than that since 9/23/72. oops, one thing as faithfully... breathe