The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Isabelle is Three

Can't believe that this baby......

has turned into this baby.

This past weekend we celebrated Isabelle's third birthday.  I had planned to blog about it before today but have been battling computer problems.  So now I have like 20 blogs I need to complete, but I am going to start with Isabelle.

Belle turning three is kind of weird.  I don't feel like she should be that old, but on the other hand I am relieved that there are more things she can do on her own, especially now that I am about to add another infant to the household.  I am sad and happy at the same time.  Plus, she has such a wonderful personality and is so fun at this age that it is hard to stay sad for very long.

Isabelle's likes and dislikes at age three.


Sesame Street.  More specifically Elmo.  She even had an Elmo cake for her birthday (pics to come soon). 

Anything related to art.  She loves to color with crayons and markers, loves to decorate with stickers, and loves to paint.  She finally got some paints for her birthday and she said being able to paint was her favorite part of her birthday.

She loves to sing, dance and run around.  That girl is always moving.  Playing outside is one of her favorite activities.

She also loves reading.  She loves books and loves to ask about words and learn how to spell them.

Playing with her sister.  Most of the time they can play very well together.  She told me yesterday that Molly was her best friend.  Presh.

The color red.  She loves the color red.  Anything red is awesome. 

Being independent.  Belle now demands to pick out her clothes each morning and put them on all by herself.  She is all about doing it on her own.  The only exception to this rule is eating.  She sees us feeding Molly and has determined that she must be fed as well.  It is quite irritating.

Calling people by their full names.  She even calls Jason and I by our full names.  It is quite funny.


Sleeping.  Bedtimes are a bit of a struggle at our house.  She sleeps well at night, it is just getting her to fall asleep that is tough.  She usually wants to read or sing or get up for the millionth time to go to the bathroom. 

Eating.  Belle is one skinny lady.  We go to the doctor today for her check up.  I am anxious to see her percentile for weight.  The foods she will eat are bean burritos, quesidillas, parm-dijon chicken, sandwiches, and fruit. 

Things being dirty or wet.  If Belle gets a little dirt or a little water on her she must immediately change clothes.  There are days where we change clothes four or five times a day.  I pick my battles and right now, changing clothes isn't on the list.

Giving hugs and kisses.  Unless I am leaving it is near impossible to get some love.

Belle is a great child.  She is smart,  like seriously smart.  She is a great big sister (most of the time), and she is super funny.  I think she is the most beautiful three year old on the planet, and I think she thinks the same.  Jason and I can't believe how blessed we are to be her parents.

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  1. tell her that gigi put her painting on the fridge as soon as we got home and is still there. it will be for a very long time.