The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adventures in Cooking: Enchiladas and Cookies

You know what?  Vegetarian eating isn't that difficult.  And it is yummy.  I won't lie and say I haven't eaten meat recently, but I will tell you that most nights at our house you will find our dinner table meat free.  I am liking the change, and the challenge that comes with finding and making new recipes. 

Here's two recipes I have made recently that I think you should know about!

First, Stacked Enchilada Bake.

This is a very easy, very tasty dish.  It will take you like five minutes to put together and stick in the oven.  And while I feel I should tell you that it might be a little spicy for kiddos (due to the enchilada sauce), I will also tell you that the husband loved it.  On nights where I make this I just have the kids eat leftovers or I make them something different.  I am trying hard to get away from the two dinner thing, but truthfully, sometimes J and I want spicy and so I know those nights I will be fixing two things. 

Next up, Citrus Butter Cookies from none other than PW!

I made these yesterday for a friend that had a baby.  I felt slightly embarrassed to take them to her since my cookie icing skills are sorely lacking.  Mine looked nothing like what you see pictured above.  Think massive blobs of icing and you will get a more accurate idea of what the ones I made looked like.  I also ran out of zest so I didn't have any to decorate the tops of the cookies with...oops. 

If you like butter cookies, you will love these.  If you like citrus, you will love these.  If you like chocolate cookies, you probably will not love these, but you may like them.  I don't know that I've ever hated a cookie.  Well, maybe pecan sandies, but other than that I don't think so.  I liked them, Jason said they were great.  Perhaps a little more work than your regular chocolate chip, but great for a new mom or a baby shower or really any lunch type event.  You should know that the recipe makes more cookies than it says in the cookbook, like twice as many.  I find that is usually true of PW's recipes.  It will say, makes 12 muffins and I get 30, or serves 8 and is closer to 12.  Maybe those cowboys eat twice as big of servings...who knows?????

So there you go, two great recipes.  What have you been cooking?

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  1. I love it when my friends post recipes! Always looking for something new. I made a breakfast recipe from pinterest the other day. Super easy and everyone liked them. Pancake bites= mix batch of pancake batter and bake in mini muffin pan. The recipe called for crumbled sausage in the batter and I did that. Then the kids dipped them in syrup. Yum! I also like doing the enchilada casseroles with Hatch Green Chile enchilada sauce. Not too spicy either!