The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lawson at Seven Months

My little man is seven months old.  I can very clearly see why Isabelle and Molly are only 16 months apart.  I think seven months old is such a great age. 

For example,

Lawson smiles, coos, and makes lots of fun baby noises but doesn't talk back or yell.

Lawson is of course still in diapers, but really, baby poop isn't that big of a deal.

Lawson can scoot, get up on all fours and manage to get to toys that he wants, but for the most part, he stays where I put him.

Lawson sleeps through the night (mostly) but doesn't put up a fight at bedtime.

Honestly, most days I would tell you that four doesn't seem crazy at all.

Moving on....

Here is some info about Lawson at seven months old!

Some facts about Lawson:

Height: No idea!
Weight:  No idea!

We did not have any doctor's visits this month...hooray!  I am going to try to remember to weigh him and get a length on my own this week!  However, he is still the smallest kid in the nursery at church.

Eating:  Lawson has started on solids.  He has had sweet potatoes, avocado, rice cereal, bananas, apples, pears and squash.  So far his only dislike was the squash.  He is also still nursing about every three hours except at night.

Sleeping:  Same as last month.  Lots of naps during the day with at least two long naps of two or more hours.  Then sleeps 8-9 hours at night, wakes up to eat and back to sleep for another hour or two.  And yes, still "helping" him to sleep at least one time a day.

Likes:  talking, rolling all over the living room, playing peek-a-boo, giving mom lots of kisses.

Dislikes:  Being hungry, hot or ignored.  Same as ever.

Lawson has gotten pretty close to sitting up on his own as you can see above, but he isn't totally there yet.  He is also almost crawling.  I predict mastery of both before he turns eight months old!  Still no teeth either.  I don't think any of my kids had teeth at seven months so no big surprise there!  And he is still easy.  Like crazy easy.  This month should be the month where I get rid of the pacifier, but we shall see.  Those things are so darn handy.  I think Belle had hers until eight months, Molly maybe a little longer so who knows.  I will keep you posted!

Happy seven months, Lawson!  Mommy loves you so, so, so much.


  1. Man I LOVE that kiddo!

  2. I always enjoyed the age when they start playing and interacting as well! They cannot run away from you at that age either! Not that I would know anything about that. My boys are angels...ha

  3. Yip...7-9months old is a dangerous time!! :-) He's a doll...can't wait to squeeze in him in real life!

  4. my little grandson is getting so big. i love you little happy boy and can not wait til i see you again. you and jay make mighty fine kids. i have heard of people having 4 kids.

  5. Love the pic - so precious :) I miss those baby snuggles!! 6-9 months were my favorite months as well!