The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Five: Things to Remember

It is important to me that this blog serve mainly as a way to keep memories of my family and kiddos so that when they are older I will have a way to remember all of the wonderful and funny and scary and all the other kinds of moments that happened over the years.  

With that in mind, I bring you five of the things my kids are doing that I want to remember.  (though right now it seems unlikely I would forget any of these things)

1.  Isabelle and her fireworks song.

Isabelle has been singing the national anthem every night.  Every. night.  We started singing "the fireworks song" to her on the Fourth of July.  It has been her bedtime song every night since then and now she can pretty much sing it on her own.  Also hilarious is the fact that at the end of the song she adds, "play ball."
2.  Isabelle's love of shoes.

Isabelle is a lover of shoes.  The moment she wakes up, shoes go on her feet.  They are the last thing to come off before bed or nap and she gets mega frustrated if she can't find the pair she wants.  It is crazy to me because I would rather be barefoot all the time.

3.  Molly's daredevil approach to life.

Molly is fearless.  It makes me slightly crazy.  She is a jumper, a climber and a runner and she does it all without an ounce of fear.  I hope that remembering this about her will help me when she is older.  I don't know that she will ever be afraid of anything, but if by chance there is something, some risk, some decision, some choice that scares her, I hope to remind her of her inner daredevil!

4.  Molly and her similarities to Jason.

Molly is her dad's girl, for sure.  From toe curling to her ticklish feet, her and Jason share many of the same traits.  People say Molly looks more like me and Isabelle more like J, but actually the baby pictures tell a different story.  Other ways Molly is just like Jason include her willingness to share her food (Isabelle and I are much more stingy when it comes to sharing our dinner or dessert), her ability to quote movie lines (the only movie she has seen all the way through is UP and she quotes it!!!), and her love of cuddling.  Jason is a touchy kind of guy, I am a pretty hands off kind of girl.  Molly is for sure more like Jason in that area.  She loves hugs and kisses. 

5.  Lawson.  Everything about Lawson.  Every. single. thing.

It is hard to say one thing I want to remember about Lawson at this point in his life.  Other than being the cutest, most adorable, sweetest, most snuggle-ly, best smelling, smiley, precious, amazing baby boy, I don't know where to start.  Having a boy is different.  I didn't think it would be and honestly until now I didn't really think there was a difference.  But as he starts to get a personality and spends more time awake than asleep I see the difference.  I guess I want to remember how different a third is, how different a boy is, and how different I am.  I want to remember the precious moments we have alone when his sisters are sleeping, the moments when he is nursing and stops to smile at me, and the way that I seem to be a more relaxed and calm mom this time around.  I love that little guy!

So there you go, five (okay, more than five) things I want to remember.  What memories do you need to write down?  Keep track, mommas! 


  1. what a sweet blog for a poppy who lives hours away to read! why, why,why do i not have enough money for my wife to retire and own homes in k.c. and tulsa? i know my sweet carri sue blogs with a different purpose but i can not help wishing she would post more about my 3 other grandchildren. i love that you are able to share through words and pictures the wonderful things about belle,molly and lawson. i love you trace. i know it's tracy but when i think trace i hear belle.

  2. Great post! I agree that thirds and boys are just a different ballgame! And I LOVE the fireworks song and 'play ball!'.