The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dentist

Apparently kids who have teeth need to go to the dentist.  So, today I took Isabelle and Molly to go for their first ever dental check up.  It was very uneventful.

Both girls had x-rays taken and had their teeth cleaned.  Isabelle chose chocolate flavored toothpaste, Molly chose bubble gum.  Both did very well with the dental hygienist, but Isabelle did NOT like the actual dentist looking in her mouth.  Maybe she was just tired of being there, maybe she doesn't like male doctors, who knows.  Whatever the case she was NOT a fan of Dr. Roberts.

Here they are in the chair!

Good news is they both have clean teeth.  Bad news is they will both need braces.  Of course I already could have guessed that, but now I know for sure.  Molly has a pretty severe overbite.  Both girls have a lot of crowding.  Fun stuff.  I guess I will start saving now. 

I am curious if other parents take their kids to the dentist at two and three years old? 

PS.  My dad has asked when Lawson gets to be in the photo on the blog....the answer is sometime in October.  We haven't had pics done in almost two years.  Luckily we have some scheduled for October.  So sometime after that I will update the pic!


  1. I've taken my daughter to the dentist since she was around 2 1/2 and unfortunately my son has already started visiting the dentist because he broke one of his front teeth so we have that checked on. I think it's great to start the habit super young (you'll have to do it your entire life anyway, right?) Plus, it just pains me to hear about alot of my friends that are taking their young ones in for major dental work when they're 6, 7, 8 because they haven't had a check-up until that point. Mel is 5 1/2 right now and has only had to have one filling ot this point. Another thing I consider is, most likely, you're already paying for them on your insurance the cleanings are typically no charge (or are with my insurance) so you might as well use it.

  2. My dentist had me start bringing in the kids at 2 and would just talk to them, let them look at the equipment and do a quick exam. He wanted them to just get used to being at the dentist. They love our dentist and orthodontist. Braces are both done and teeth are beautiful. Good job Momma Tracy!

  3. Sophie has yet to visit the dentist. It's such an ordeal getting her to see the doctor that admittedly I'm putting this one off. Bella, on the other hand is a pro at the dentist thanks to her fall last year.