The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Few Things

Molly started saying, "mama."  It is adorable and I love it and I don't care if she even knows what she is saying, I pretend she does.  She has also started giving kisses.  They are wet, open mouth, lots of tongue kisses, but they are great!  I can't believe that she will be one in like a month and a half.  Time goes by so quickly.  Guess I should think about #3???  KIDDING...(maybe).

Speaking of babies, I have many friends who have either just had babies or are getting ready to have babies and I was considering doing a post about my advice for new mommies.  I realize my advice may not be worth that much to everyone, but I think I have some things worth saying to new moms.  Like, "crying will not kill your baby."  I remember being so worried about how I was going to go to the bathroom when Isabelle was a baby and was crying.  I went, but felt SO guilty for letting her cry while I relieved myself!  No worries now, Molly and Isabelle stand outside the bathroom screaming and crying and I have realized that it doesn't kill them to wait.  For Belle I think it is actually helping her with the concept of patience and not getting everything her way right away.  Molly is just a momma's girl and doesn't like to be away from me during the day.  Well...tough.  Moms need time to pee.  Just sayin'.  I have a lot more great advice.  Seriously.  So maybe next week a whole post just for me to put in my two cents.

I also wanted to do a favorites post today, but only so I could talk about my favorite album of the moment.  Not Ray today, though I have decided that Till The Sun Turns Black is my favorite album of his.
Love ya, Ray.  Anyway, as I was saying, my favorite at the moment is Sara Bareilles Kaleidoscope Heart.

I am loving this right now.  I have had it for awhile but just started listening to it more.  Pretty awesome. 

Lastly for today,  a cooking update.  Last week I attempted Butter Chicken.  Just alright for me.  Tasted better than it smelled.  If you are a lover of Indian food, this might be right up your alley.  I was not about it.  The dessert I made most recently was called Striped Delight.  I made it for my mom's birthday.  Simple, easy, delicious.  I have never posted about Bow Tie Lasagna, another Tasty Kitchen recipe.  It is also great.  If you need something easy, inexpensive and delicious, you should try it out.  Better than having spaghetti for like the hundredth time!

I am pondering the idea of sharing my menu planning ideas, my budgeting ideas and some organization tips, but am not sure yet.  Don't want to bore everyone to death!  I am a huge nerd and the idea of budgeting gets me all excited.  Others not so much. 

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through the hodgepodge that was this post.  Have a great weekend!

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