The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, May 18, 2012

4 Months

Tomorrow my baby boy will be four months old.  Cuh-razy.  Time really does fly while you are having fun.  And sure, there are some days that are NOT fun, but for the most part we are having a ball.

Some facts about Lawson:

Height: 25 and 1/4 inches.  68th percentile.

Weight:  13lbs and 7oz.  25th percentile.

Eating:  Every three hours or less.  Some days he eats every two hours.  I thought for sure that he would weigh more given how much he eats, but no.  I feel like I am feeding him all. the. time.

Sleeping:  Several naps a day and at night he sleeps 8 or 9 hours, eats and then sleeps a few more hours.  I would prefer a longer stretch, but I will take what I can get.

Likes:  His play mat and bouncy seat, being the patient while his sisters play doctor, rolling over, being held and being rocked.

Dislikes:  His car seat.

There are no real big milestones from last month to this month.  He is still smiling all the time and laughing.  He is much stronger when it comes to holding up his head and pushing up when on his belly, but that is about it.  We put him in the bumbo (and by we, I mean I) last week and he did okay.  Didn't seem to be a super big fan of it.

Lawson is such an easy baby.  Truly.  Yes, I know.  I have said that about every baby and if you have met Molly you know that easy can change in the blink of an eye!  But really, Lawson is so easy.  I guess he doesn't have much choice.  His sisters are still in love with him.  They give him non-stop hugs and kisses.  Isabelle says things like, "I love that baby brother."  It is adorable.  Molly wants to burp him which I think is because it involves hitting him on the back.  They are going to be great big sisters. 

J and I think he is pretty awesome also.  Sometimes I get a little sad looking at Lawson and then at the girls.  The girls remind me that he is going to get bigger and fast.  I like having a baby around.  Babies are still okay with you hugging them and kissing them all of the time.  Let's just say I understand why Michelle Duggar keeps having all those kids.  Anyway, we love him.  We are so blessed to have him.  Happy 4 months, Lawson!


  1. What a sweet update :) He is adorable!!

  2. You're adorable! Babies ARE great. When can we expect the next one?