The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Metro

Warning:  This post will be me bragging about my husband.  Isn't he so good looking?

Last night Jason and I attended the grand opening of The Metro at Brady in downtown Tulsa.  The picture above is Jason standing outside of the building and in case you can't see it, that is his name.  On. The. Building.  I don't know about you, but currently my name is on zero buildings.

Jason was responsible for the design of the landscape and the pool design.  It looks fabulous.  Here is just one picture (which I took so it isn't exactly the best photo ever) from last night.

Oh yeah, see those handrails in the pool?  Jason designed those also.  When he told me he designed them I assumed he meant that he picked them out of some type of catalogue and told them to put them in, but nope, he came up with that design and had someone make them.  Pretty spectacular.

In case you are wondering what the heck The Metro is, it is a luxury apartment building in downtown Tulsa.  We were able to look at some of the actual apartments last night and they are beautiful.  Of course they aren't designed for families, but if I was young and didn't have any kids, they would be very, very, very appealing.  Well, except for the cost thing.  The two bedroom units that we looked at last night, which are both under 1200 square feet, rent for $1650 a month.  So, if I was young, rich, and didn't have kids, then I would want to live there!!

Here are some pics from their website.

front of the building.

pretty much everything in this photo, Jason is responsible for!

this was clearly taken on a cloudy day.  also, the umbrellas are usually all the way open!

Jason is one amazing and very talented landscape architect.  I think a lot of times when I tell people what my husband does, they envision him mowing someones lawn.  Nope, he is a design guy (well, that and much, much more).  He is responsible for the details, like the pool rails, and the pavers, and making sure things get installed right and work correctly and probably a million other things I am not mentioning.  And frankly, he is beyond great at his job.  And yes I am saying that because I am his wife, but also because it is true.  His ability to envision something like this and then put it to paper and finally have it brought to life is so awesome.  He is amazing and his work is amazing and I am so proud of him.

Way to go, Jason!  It looks great and I am incredibly proud of you and your work!


  1. Awesome! Way to go Jason!

  2. That's pretty stinkin' awesome. And where I never pictured him mowing the lawn I guess I pictured more of a horticultural bent to what he does.
    It's beautiful, and if I were young, rich, and childless they'd be pretty appealing to me too.

  3. Way to go jason! it all looks great. wish i lived there.