The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Ducks are Cute

So last night was an interesting night at our house.

Jason had been outside mowing when he came in and told me to bring the girls outside to see some baby ducks.  I was instantly confused.  Were we going to look at someones pets?  Why would anyone have pet ducks?  Whose ducks are they?  But nope, the ducks were not pets, they were just wandering around the neighborhood.  Two very small, very cute, baby ducks.  No mamma duck in sight.  These two baby ducks wandered into our backyard and were obviously lost and scared(because I know so much about duck emotions).  At that point I did what any rational human would do and ordered Jason to catch the ducks so we could keep them safe until we could find the mom.  Jason got a container and filled it with some water for the ducks and then set off to go find the mom.  I went into the front yard with him and watched him walk off with Belle and Molly to go find the mom and then went right back into the backyard to keep an eye on the ducks....only they were gone.  Seriously like five seconds I take my eyes off of them and they are gone.  I start freaking out.  I am looking everywhere.  I looked through all the bushes and plants, the neighbor's yards, under our deck, everywhere.  I even went inside and got a flashlight to search through the bushes and under our deck.  NO DUCKS.  So I go to the front yard.  And I see him....the cat.  And he knows where those ducks are.  I can tell.  This cat looks very suspicious. 

Fast forward like 15 minutes and Jason gets back.  I have been searching frantically for the ducks.  A girl across the street has found one of them and is for some reason returning it to my house.  I proceed to think about where I can keep a duck safe and land on the only reasonable choice, my bathtub.

Jason continues to search for baby duck #2 and sees that stupid cat pouncing on something.  My heroic husband rushed to the rescue of baby duck #2 and saved it!  Of course at that point we realized we have two baby ducks and no idea what to do with them.

Lucky for us a lady in our neighborhood was walking by and saw the ducks and said she had a friend that raises them and wants more so she will take them to her if we want.  We said sure and loaded the ducks up for her to take home.  I was pretty relieved at that point as the only other option I had found was a place that said I could bring them to their office in the morning when they opened (which would have meant overnight duck care and then transporting them plus three kids to a vets office).

At this point I was pretty happy that we had saved two ducks from the mean cat and found them a good home on what I am imagining is a very nice farm or something. 

Then my mom ruins my picture of an idyllic duck life by letting me know that most people don't raise ducks for pets.  "What else do they raise them for?"  I ask.  I am some kind of moron.  I clearly did not realize that I may have just sent them off to someone who eats ducks.  My sister suggested I chase the people down and ask if they will be eaten and if so, demand my ducks back.  But, like I said before, I had no idea what we would do with two ducks.  So, I let them go.  Hopefully to a live out a long duck life.

And just so you Jason and I were going to bed last night, we both said that we were a little sad we didn't keep the ducks for ourselves to keep as pets for the girls.  Of course, we then discussed duck poop and decided it was probably for the best we didn't keep them!

I am slightly disappointed that I didn't get a picture of the girls with the ducks, but I was a little concerned they would squish them if they held them and I was also a little worried that ducks might carry some weirdo disease....of course the disease thing didn't stop me from putting them in the tub but whatevs.  I washed my hands like twenty times, no worries.


  1. good job dickinson family. i bet the girls loved looking at them. i am glad you did not let the girls hold them. i worry about "mad duck" disease also.

  2. LOL - oh well :) Ducks are sweet to have as pets, but can be very loud when they grow up!!