The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Give UP

on my garden...not my children, or my husband or mary kay.  just my garden.  didn't want you getting worried.

seriously.  this has been the worst year ever.  i thought the year we attempted corn was the worst.  i was WRONG.  this year is the worst ever. 

this year we planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini and we have blackberry bushes that we have had now for several years.  so far we have harvested one zucchini, and three grape tomatoes.  that. is. it.  the 100+ temps have destroyed my garden.  no blackberries, the squash plant totally died and the tomato plants get blossoms and then do nothing.  it is so disappointing.  oh...and i forgot to mention the squash bugs.

these bugs are everywhere on my zucchini plant.  GROSS.  i hate bugs.  like hate them.  a lot.  the only thing i hate worse is hot weather.  so i am pretty much hating outside right now!!!

at least one plant in my garden seems to be tolerating this heat.  of course it is not a vegetable or fruit plant, but at least the whole garden isn't dying.

the black eyed susan's are going strong.

i should mention that i planted NOTHING in the garden.  j did all the work.  i just reap the benefits. is the pic of our lone zucchini.  isn't she pretty?

i feel certain i can't be the only one in OK having these issues....but maybe i am?  hopefully next year will be a more prosperous year.  i plan on adding potatoes to the mix.  several peeps i know had good luck this year with potatoes, so i figured we could give them a try.

oh yeah....have you entered my giveaway?  it ends tonight.  i will announce a winner tomorrow....even though i think i said i would do it today....i am doing it tomorrow instead!  go back and enter if you haven't!  who doesn't love free stuff?

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