The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Lost My Kids Today....

or at least I thought I did.

Let me start out by saying that my children were never in harms way.  They were fine.  It was me who was freaking out and losing my mind.

Here's how it happened:

I was on the phone this morning trying to sort out some plans for after my brother's wedding on Saturday and the girls were playing in Isabelle's room.  Eventually I noticed that they were pretty quiet, but I wasn't overly concerned so I kept talking.  After getting off the phone I realized it was time for us to leave for me to go meet a customer.  We needed to hurry so that I wasn't late, so I went to get the girls.  I went into Belle's room and they weren't there.  Weird.  So, I went to Molly's room.  Not there either.  I start to panic.  Oh, crap.  They are probably in my room making a colossal mess.  So I run to my room, nope, not there.  Not in my bathroom either.  Run to their bathroom, not there.  Wait, where are they?  Not in the laundry room.  At this point I am screaming for Isabelle.  Like screaming.  Nothing.  I check the doors.  Both front and back doors are locked ensuring they aren't outside.  I run back to all the bedrooms screaming my head off like a crazy person, they are nowhere.  And despite the fact that I am screaming for Isabelle, I don't hear anything coming back.  Now I start flinging open closets.  Belle's room first.  Nothing.  Then my Mary Kay closet, nope, still nothing.  Molly's room.  Fling open closet while screaming and yep...there they are.  Sitting quietly playing with dirty clothes, clothes that no longer fit, diapers and shoes.  Just playing nice and quiet apparently oblivious to my screaming and hollering for them. 

They were fine, I was a mess.  Someday I am sure this will make me laugh.  Today it did not.  Hope your Monday has been a lot less traumatic! 


  1. Oh no!! I can't imagine that panic. So glad that you found them safe and sound - and yes, I'm sure that one day you will look back and laugh :)

  2. How about tomorrow?
    How about I bring it up tomorrow and we have a really good guffaw?
    So happy they were safe and sound.