The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Until this week I have hesitated to talk much about how I make extra money for fear of seeming pushy, or sales-y, or who knows what.  But the truth is, lots of fellow bloggers use their blogs as a way to make extra money by promoting their necklaces, hats, earrings, or what-not without fear of being judged, so it seems silly that I would continually avoid the topic of Mary Kay.  Especially when I am not even trying to sell products!

I love Mary Kay.  Seriously.  Love the products, love the girlfriends I have made, love the company as a whole, love the extra income, love the get the point.  But what I love more than anything is the fact that in this company what determines how far I will go or how much money I make is up to me.  Just thinking about that is kind of crazy.  I am not limited to a certain income level or a certain title because of my education or my ability to suck-up to my boss (I am my own boss).  It is that thought alone, that in this company all of my dreams for my future, for my family, and for my community could become a reality.

Now, I realize that being freshly back from a company wide event where we see the top of the top of Mary Kay ladies and hear motivational speeches and receive great training obviously has an effect on my current level of enthusiasm, but the fact still remains that what I say is true.  Mary Kay is an amazing opportunity that enriches the lives of women.

So here are a few facts you maybe did not know about MK as a business, as a person, and as a company.
  • Everyone, regardless of their position in MK, buys our products at the same price (from MK) and sells them for the same price.  No pyramids.
  • Everyone therefore makes the same amount of money from the sale of the products.  You can make as much money, or as little money as you desire depending on how much you are willing to work.
  • Mary Kay operates on the Golden Rule.  As consultants we also put our priorities in order of God first, family second, career third.  Mary Kay was a Christian woman and our company is full of Godly women who value doing the right thing, operating in integrity, and taking care of their families.
  • Women in Mary Kay are some of the highest paid women in America, making a million dollars with Mary Kay is not impossible nor uncommon.
  • The Mary Kay Foundation supports two causes, cancers that affect women, and domestic violence.  Here are some of their accomplishments from 2010. 
Granted 150 domestic violence shelters $20,000 each – a total of $3 million

Awarded 13 respected doctors and medical scientists $100,000 each in cancer research grants – a total of $1.3 million

Donated $500,000 to CancerCare Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free professional help to people with cancer, for its Touching Hearts program

Contributed $300,000 to the National Network to End Domestic Violence with $200,000 earmarked to support the Amy's Courage Fund, which provides assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children.

$80,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation for Nature Explore Classrooms at five domestic violence shelters across the United States

Raised $364,424 from donations at Seminar 2010

Raised more than $117,724 in the Dallas and Northeast annual MK5K®
  • Mary Kay is the number one best selling brand of skin care and color cosmetics and has been for over a decade.
So see there, Mary Kay is pretty awesome.   And when you consider the fact that when you purchase Mary Kay products you too, are helping support not only your local beauty consultant, but also such worthy causes, it is pretty wonderful.

I am so proud to be a part of this company, so proud to be an Independent Beauty Consultant that I am a little embarrassed that I haven't talked about it before.  This opportunity has allowed me to stay home while still bring in an income, allowed me adult interaction that is lacking being home with two toddlers, and provided me a way to stay in the working world without taking me away from my most important job of mom.  And if some day, my girls want to enter the pink bubble, I will tell them what a great opportunity it was for me and hope that they enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Awesome-nomenal! I definitely think you should tell us more about it. Also, maybe everyone but me knew this, but do a little walk through about how easy it is to order products. I still thought that to get MK you had to go to someone's house who was having a party and get a make-over! Show off your website...just a thought.