The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, August 29, 2011

Updates on Cloth

My apologies if you could care less about cloth diapers.  Frankly, they are all I think about these days.  I. Am. Obsessed.  I have used them for a couple of days now, but not full time because I only have five diapers.  Here is what I think so far.

First, they are so easy to put on and snap up and we have had no leaks.  This was one of my major concerns since the diaper is a one size fits all.  I was sure they would leak.  Nope, not even during nap time.

Second, they aren't as bulky as I expected.  I won't say that they are the same as disposables, because they aren't.  However, Molly didn't have as humongous of a butt as I thought she would.

They are also not hard to change.  Molly is a toddler, so really if she poops, I just plop it out in the toilet.  No craziness involved.  I am actually thinking I need cloth wipes since now I am left with the problem of still having to take out my wipes, when before I would just wrap them up in the diaper.  I could still do that if I had cloth wipes.

My house doesn't stink, but that was never a concern.  My garage door is right by my laundry room, so we keep dirty diapers in the same place where we were taking the disposables.  When I am ready I just get them out of the garage.

That's where the only gross part has come in.  With disposables, I never have to bring dirty, stinky diapers back in the house.  So yes, it was smelly for like one minute while I dumped them in the washer.   But really that wasn't that big of a deal.

Overall I am very pleased with my diapers.  I wish I had more actually to be able to see what a full day in cloth looks like and what a full load of diapers is like to launder.  Right now I will be waiting to purchase more just because of cash flow, but I am closer to making a total switch to cloth than I thought I would be after trying them out.  I really feel like an idiot that I didn't try this sooner!  

Are you considering cloth?  What would it take to make you switch?


  1. Awesome! I'm still not ready, but you make a great case!

  2. hmmmm, what would it take....I suppose just knowing I could do it and $.
    Also, I have some pins on Pinterest for the cloth wipes if you want I can email them to you.