The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five....Baby Edition

We found out the sex of the baby today.  I know you are dying with anticipation.  So Friday five today will be five names we are considering for the new baby.

1.  William.  That's's a BOY.  (insert whoo hoo's and yahoo's here)  Jason likes the name William.  I think of a horse named Will that lived behind my grandparents house that died when it got struck by lightning.

2.  Lincoln.  We have considered this name for awhile now.  I don't like it either.  I am not a fan of the initials L.D.  I think of dyslexia when I hear LD.

3.  Maddox.  Think I like this one.  Can't really decide.  Jason does NOT like it.

4.  Jason.   A name we can both agree on.  Obviously we would call him J.J.

5.  Micah.  A good biblical name.  Concerned it has been used more as a girl's name lately.  J and I have liked this name for awhile.  Not sure if he still likes it or not?? 

So.....I need suggestions.   I am clueless on names for this little baby.  Boy's names are so hard for me.  HELP!  What are your favorite boy's names?


  1. First - congrats!!

    Names: Samuel, Isaiah, Jackson, Dylan, Joshua

    I haven't had much chance for boy's names yet - but I've been thinking about them :)

  2. Micah is sweet :) Carter, Everet, Jackson (Jack), Jacob, Andrew (Drew), Christian, Landon, Evan. Everybody has different taste. Congrats on the little dude! Very cool!

  3. YAY!!!
    So excited for you.
    Okay you can't do William because we know a William ;) I know it's stupid logic but it is mine. Or maybe do a variation like Wilhelm or Willem? Fitzwilliam (sigh) kidding.
    Hence, when I found out yesterday that Jessica Alba named her second daughter Haven I was pretty livid because that means there are going to be so many more Haven's now! GRRRR
    Okay, moving on.
    If I give you boy names I like and then we have a boy, WHAT then?
    Fine! Stop twisting my arm, you might now like them anyway...

    Names I've liked are...
    Ezra, Sebastian (we'd call him Seb), Jude (Jude Sebastian has been on my list since early marriage, Ezra too), Ephraim (Everwood anyone? D would NOT let me use this one) Finn, Rowan, Poe, Bram, Tate, Zander, Van, Sawyer, I do love Oliver, Milo (another D won't say yes to.) Leo, Lev, and yes I mean Lev and not Levi, Jasper (we almost named Roxy this even though it's a boy name. We couldn't decide on a name and we both liked it, and it had NOTHING to do with Twilight) Ian, Gabe, Gavin, Elliott, and
    I think that's it for now.
    I hope I've helped in some small way ;)
    So excited for you guys. Again.
    I'll start on the hats ...maybe a blanket...Don't hold me to it. K?

  4. might not like any of them...stinkin excitement made me misspell.

  5. i have a suggestion... Riccochette and you could call him Ric for short. if you don't like that how 'bout Forrest, Forrest Dickinson, and people could call him Forrest Dickinson. just a thought or 2. love you, your pa

  6. I am so excited for you!! Your little ladies will love a little brother! Our top 2 boys' names were Jack and Hudson...not pregnant, but may be someday, so may still use them...just fair warning!!

  7. thank you for all the great suggestions. we are still gridlocked as every name i like, jason doesn't and vice versa. we are pretty excited for a boy! isabelle still wants a sister!!!

  8. I thought I posted here...Andrew(Drew), Elijah, Jackson (Jack), Christian, Lucas, Levi, Max, Clayton (Clay). Good luck!

  9. Ha ha I Did! I've just lost my mind! Third out! lol