The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five-Baby Boy

No, this is not about names, though I still haven't thought of one.  We do have new ones on our list and have banished others we were previously considering (thanks, Danny).  Today is all about my apprehensiveness about having a boy.

Five Fears of Having a Boy....

1.  Getting peed on.  I have seen it happen on movies and people have told me horror stories.  I don't mind changing diapers, heck I am even okay with cloth, but pee on me?  No thanks, it totally grosses me out.  It isn't even so much as having pee on my hands, but being peed on my face/neck area.  I am terrified I tell you.

2.  Boy Parts.  How do you clean them, what do you do with them, do they play with them...pretty much any question about boys' nether regions freaks me out.

3.  Energy.  Will this little bundle of joy have more energy than Belle?  Is it even possible?  How will I make it through the day if he does?

4.  Raising a momma's boy.  Don't get me wrong, I want my baby boy to think the world of me, but I also want him to be independent at some point.  How do you balance sensitivity and toughness?  In fact, if I were to really address the concerns here...I am not sure I know how to raise a boy to be a boy.  Glad I have such an amazing husband or I might be totally losing my cool right now.

5.  Choosing a name...okay, so I am still on this topic.  Sue me.  I want a name that is manly, not girly.  Trendy but not overused.  Classic, but not boring.  Something you don't hear very often but when you do you love it and for sure know it is a dude and a manly dude at that.  AND, if it could be biblical or a family name that would be a plus.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Do you have boys?  Have you been peed on?  Reassure me here people!

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