The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five

In case you have missed it, I have less than a week before baby Lawson arrives.  Assuming his name stays Lawson.  Which I am 99% sure that it will, but we have been known to change our mind on the whole name our baby thing.  So if you have any negative comments about the name Lawson, keep them to yourself.  It is a family name and we like it. a week my life will be totally changing and things will be a little crazy and to say I am nervous is an understatement.  I know how I am after having a baby and it isn't pretty.  For about two weeks I am the most emotional, most crying lady on the planet.  Okay, maybe more like three weeks.  Throw in some sleep deprivation and things get ugly quickly.  So, fair warning, after this baby is here this blog may have a slightly different feel for a few weeks.  Feel free to comment and tell me it is all my hormones.  Or not.  I may start crying.

Back to Friday.  Today I thought it would be good to stick to what I know.  Just a regular Friday post.  With some totally random tidbits of information.  Hope I haven't already shared these random things....if I have, well, read them again.

1.  Isabelle has been referring to the baby as baby Jack for quite some time.  We initially thought that would be our name.  Then it showed up as the 13th most popular name and I changed my mind.   Both of my girls got super common names and I didn't want to make the mistake again.  Now that we say baby Lawson, she gets quite a kick out of arguing with me.  She knows it is Lawson, but thinks it is hysterical to call him Jack.   However, Molly has been on my side.  Until this morning when out of nowhere she called the baby Jack and when I corrected her she started cracking up and said, "No. Baby Jack."  Hopefully this kid doesn't get too confused by his sisters calling him Jack. 

2.  The sleeping in the same room thing is not going as great as I hoped it would.  Molly does NOT like to sleep in a room with other people.  So every nap time and every bedtime we have to put Molly to sleep first, and then after she is asleep, put Isabelle down.  That works for now, but eventually we will need to have them just go to sleep.  When we try to put them down at the same time we are up for hours trying to get them to sleep until we give up and put Belle in our bed until Molly falls asleep.  Mornings aren't any better.  If one wakes up, the other one gets woken up.  Today someone woke up at 4:30 am, so both girls were in our room at 4:30 am.  OUCH.  Luckily, J got Molly back to sleep and Belle stayed in bed with us and went back to sleep.

3.  Tonight is date night with the hubs.  I am pretty excited.  Even if we are just going to dinner.  J wants to do something else like a movie or something, but the thought of sitting in a movie theater for two hours is not currently my idea of fun.  Maybe we will rent a movie.  Seen anything good?  Oh and in case you are wondering, we are going to my fav restaurant, Red Rock Canyon Grill.  I might eat everything on the menu.  (another clue as to why I am so HUGE this pregnancy)

4.  I have been like a crazy lady these past few weeks preparing for having a newborn in the house.  For some reason I feel like I won't go into labor until I have everything ready.  (btw, I was hoping to go into labor early, but doesn't look like it will happen)  Then I realized the car seat is still in the attic.  So I have been begging Jason to get it down and put it in the that I can just have this baby already.  Jason has not done it.  He is so busy at work (and at home, really) that he is actually praying against my wishes to have this kid early.  NOT NICE.  And yes, I do realize that my thinking is not rational.....but nonetheless, I thought it was worth a try.

5.  Monday is Isabelle appt with an ENT to check out her adenoids.  Her pediatrician thinks she may have enlarged adenoids.  If so, surgery is a possibility to remove them.  Most of me prays and hopes that after we go they say that she is fine and doesn't need surgery (because that FREAKS me out).  However, a small, very small part of me hopes that they find something that can explain all the symptoms she has.  Coming home with them saying she is fine means that they don't know why she snores louder than any human on the face of the planet and never breathes through her nose and has lips so cracked they bleed, and doesn't eat even when she is fixed her favorite dinner....and on and on.  I guess what I am saying is, I hope they find the cause, and that the solution IS NOT surgery.  I'll keep you posted. 

Hope you have a great weekend.  For those of you that pray, say a little prayer for me.  You know, that maybe I can go into labor today, that this time around the birth will be drama free, all that good stuff! 


  1. Praying!! I can't wait to see pics of baby Lawson, and I know you get more miserable by the hour these last few days. Also praying for Isabelle...
    Keep us posted!!

  2. Can't wait to hold baby Jack!

  3. I can't believe it's almost time!!!