The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas has come and gone...

And we managed to survive! 

I am kidding...mostly.  Seriously, we had a wonderful Christmas "season" this year.  I already let you in on our first Christmas celebration with Debi, and now here is a recap of our other celebrations.

Christmas Eve:  Jason and I spent the day completing our shopping, wrapping presents and hanging with the girls.  After they went to bed we began the mad dash to assemble the bike and the cozy coupe car we bought for Molly.  In all of my wisdom I thought the cozy coupe would be a piece of cake to put together whereas the bike would be more difficult.  WRONG.  Needless to say, Jason put them both together while I watched.  After they were both done and it was 11:30 pm, Jason realized the bike tires were flat.  So, at 11:30 pm he drove to Quik Trip to fill up the tires with air.  That is one dedicated dad.

Christmas Morning.  The girls slept till about 7am.  When Isabelle woke up she immediately saw the bike and car so we pretty much had no choice but to dig in.  The girls opened presents in record time.  This year we started a four gift tradition at our house.  Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.  Not our idea...something I saw on another blog actually.  It mostly worked out, except for the fact that Isabelle needs NOTHING to wear, so we did another want/need gift.  Next year I will be more prepared. 

After gifts we enjoyed pancakes and then the craziness began.  Sure enough, despite the fact that I thought the bike would be like the best present ever....the girls spent the morning fighting over the new red car.  I am tempted to never buy different presents again.  They may find themselves opening the exact same presents next year.  Perhaps that is what you have to do when they are so close in age, who knows?  Is that what mom's of twins do?  I have no idea.

After the girls woke up from their naps we headed to my mom's house to eat dinner with my family.  Jason made PW's brisket and it was amazing.  Like for real.  It was soooo good.  We opened presents with my mom and then spent time hanging out.  It was a great day.

The 26th.  We spend the day after Christmas celebrating with my Dad.  I don't think that we have ever finished all of our celebrating by the 26th, but this year we did.  During the day we mostly sat around and chatted and then that night we made a huge mexican dinner and opened presents.  Again, the girls got different things and again spent a lot of time fighting over the toys.  My dad and stepmom got Molly a baby stroller for her baby doll and let's just say that this mom got a little tired of the fighting, so the next day her sister got yet another present.  Now they both can push around their dolls and I can concentrate on keeping them from fighting over other presents.

We had such a great Christmas.  Seems hard to believe that next year we will be celebrating with three kiddos.

Also, I realize that today is in fact New Year's Day.  I will be posting an update on my goals from this year and a post on my goals for the upcoming year sometime this week! 

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  1. What a fun Christmas :) Our girls are 20 months apart, and they got similar gifts this year - so that they didn't fight as well! {we learned from last year}!!