The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rookie Mom

You would think that the fact that I have a three year old and a 22 month old would mean that I would feel like a pro when it comes to taking care of a new baby.  WRONG.  I think I might actually feel the exact same as when I brought Isabelle home from the hospital.

Take for example, diapering a baby.  This should be easy, right?  And yet diapering Lawson is kicking my ass.  (sorry for the cursing, I am tired)  Let me start out by saying I blame it all on the fact that he is a boy, and that right now we are in the "care for the cut weenie" phase.  You are supposed to put vasoline on the wenis (penis, wiener, weenie, pee-pee, whatever you want to call it) so that it won't stick to the diaper.  How much vasoline?  Good question.  The tablespoon amount I am using may be a bit excessive.  Which brings me to my next point.....I think the vasoline is causing the pee to be diverted straight out of the absorbent diaper on to Lawson and the surrounding clothes and blankets.  He wakes up soaked 90% of the time.   And I am pointing it down!  It is coming out the side.  I am currently losing my mind over diaper changes.

Next is gas.  I must have forgotten how gassy babies can be and how painful it is.  Lawson is a gas factory and in turn is a crying factory.  He seems to be in constant pain and seems to always be farting.  I know that this doesn't last forever, but for the life of me can't remember at what point it will.  Is it two weeks?  four?  six?  Somebody tell me when this kid will be able to fart without wanting to die.

Lastly, the thing that seems to be totally escaping me at this current moment is how in the world I got my girls on a schedule.  I am a big believer in the sleep, eat, play thing.  I think I have read babywise a dozen times.  And yet, here I am, totally clueless as to how to get this kid on a schedule.  Lawson is clearly a different baby.  So far not really into doing what I tell him to do.  Like sleep, or stop crying.  Don't think that is going to stop me!  It will likely significantly slow me down, but eventually this house will be a calm and predictable, routine oriented place.

So anyway, all that to say that I pretty much feel like a first time mom.  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.  Have a great day!


  1. Zero suggestions or advise, but I hear ya!! Just keep telling yourself that in six months you won't even remember how hard it was or how tired you are. Wish I could come entertain the other two...

    1. thanks, e! i know that it all goes by quickly. just have to keep reminding myself!

  2. oh sweetie!! Admittedly, I snickered while reading your post, and now I want to give you a huge HUG!!

    Since I have girls I only have hearsay on the boy diapering thing- my cousin finally found that only Pampers worked for her little man. He soaked through everything else.

    As far as gas, both my girls were gassy....oh my! I ended up carrying them both in the snugli so their bellies could get the warmth from me, and that seemed to help. We also used a truck load of baby gas-ex.

    As far as scheduling, he's only a week old, right? You'll get there!! Just take it easy and when you're losing your mind put him down and walk away {and scream}. Both my girls had colic {shudder} so I did a LOT of screaming in the shower :)

    Praying for you!!

    1. thanks, aurie! a friend recommended gripe water...that is next on my list to try. will have to add gas x to the list!

  3. daughter of mine. let not your heart be troubled. you did not break the girls and you will not break lawson{or his wiener} you are a great mom, just hang in there and try to remember how very blessed you are. i love you

  4. Okay, the only thing that I can say, and you probably won't be to keen on it, is, with both my girls, especially Roxy, with all her issues after being Frank Breech for the last two months of my pregnancy, there is a "band" right on the inside of their anus and hers was much smaller than it should have been so nothing was coming out well....

    cut your pinkie nail super short, no sharp edges, put vaseline on it, and insert into his tiny bottom. Slowly. Just the tip. By the way, my pediatrician did this with R the first time, and told me to do it until I didn't need to anymore. With R it was months and months, with H it was maybe 2, off and on.
    Both my girls struggled and when it happened with Haven I just thought, "i'll give it a try" it wasn't every time, but it helps.
    Because their systems are so new they aren't as good at getting it out.

    It Works.

    But you might not have the stomach for it, D didn't.
    Also, fyi, make sure you are out of the way, with R especially, because her band was smaller than normal, poo would sometimes shoot out. Sometimes it seeps, make sure something is underneath.
    Then just wash with soap.

    And I'll stop there. :D
    Can't wait to see him. I think D has Tues off next week.