The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Updates on Tuesday

I obviously didn't get this posted yesterday, but better late than never, right?

Lawson chillin in the swing....and yes, it is a pink swing, but he doesn't mind.  He is secure in his manhood!

Lawson's first week came and went and we all made it just fine!  Jason went back to work on Thursday after coming home early Monday-Wednesday and even though I thought I was going to lose my mind, I didn't.  Overall we are all doing just fine.  Here are a few more updates from our family.
Isabelle's surgery is scheduled for a week from Tuesday.  I am both happy and not so happy.  I will be glad when the dark circles she has had under her eyes for more than a year are gone.  I will be happy when she can sleep through the night without waking up and eats like a regular child.  Mostly, I will be happy when it is all over.  I am not looking forward to the actual day of surgery.

As predicted, my precious Molly girl is having the most difficulty adjusting to little brother.  She is very sweet to her brother and hasn't done any crazy business like hit him or try to pick him up or anything, but she is having some problems in the obeying department.  I know that it is just a phase, but I am ready for it to be over!

Lawson had another check up today and is doing great.  He is having some difficulty gaining weight which is not super awesome.  We go back on Friday for another weight check at which point they pretty much said he HAS to be back at his birth weight.  I don't know what exactly will happen if he isn't, but I know it won't be good.  So from today until Friday, I am going a little overboard on the feedings to try and make sure the little guy gains some oz's. 
I have officially started weight watchers.  Don't be too jealous.  Seriously though, it isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.  The hard part for me will be figuring out how many points all the recipes I make add up to.  And it won't really be hard, just time consuming.  Wish me luck.  I won't be sharing my weight on this here blog, but I will tell you that I want to lose 28 lbs and I will keep you up to date on how many pounds I lose each week.

We aren't doing too terrible for the first week of being home.  I have overdone it a bit, but am trying to be more careful in what I do.  It is hard to take it easy with two toddlers at home!  And yes, I am tired and yes, my house is a mess, but overall those things will get better with time.  Well, maybe not the house.  I can say with complete honesty that it isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Not to say that it is easy, but I was pretty worried that I would be going absolutely nuts at this point and I'm not......I'm only slightly nuts!!!!  


  1. You da woman! I'm praying for Isabelle's surgery already, that Molly gets used tot he stranger in her house, and that little Lawson packs on the weight. Gaining weight was our #1 thought/priority/job/hysteria/obsession when we came home from the hospital. I absolutely did not want to supplement, and ended up not having too, but I did wake the little peanuts up every hour and a half and tickled their cheeks while they nursed. You'll do what's best - trust yourself and your body and be sure that you're getting ENOUGH calories (I'm not sabbotaging here, just remember you get a few extra to count toward that little man's meals!). Ranting...You're doing great!! Hope you get to rest some too!!!

  2. You are doing great for having a new baby in the home!! I'll be praying for you all next week - that you would be comforted and her surgery will go quickly. We had trouble with both our girls gaining weight - but they did. Eventually!!

  3. Okay I remember reading about Belle having to have the surgery but what are the dark circles under her eyes from? Just a lack of sleep? Or was there something else to it? I ask because I have noticed Roxy's dark circles lately, but she sleeps well.
    I was thinking maybe allergies but...what do I know? ;P

    Also, I'm so glad to hear it isn't that bad since I plan on a third, at least.
    Thirdly, I was thinking of dropping by out of the blue tomorrow :D, BUT Roxy has ballet and we need to get some groceries so in between that and Haven's naps...probably won't happen. I do know that D has Tues and Wed off next week and has an interview on Tues so that might be the best day...
    Good for you?