The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This pregnancy

I don't really want this post to come across as one long complaint list, but I do want to document all the ways that this time around has been different than being preggers with the girls.  Sadly most of the differences have been negative.....but, maybe the actual birth experience will be better!  And since I love a list, here goes!

1.  Morning sickness.  Holy cow.  I really didn't know how lucky I was with Isabelle and Molly.  For the first four months or so I couldn't keep anything down.  The last month it has been back, but not near as bad.  I feel horrible for women who have morning sickness their entire pregnancy.  For me, that is what convinced me I was having a boy.
2.  Weight gain.  Perhaps it was my refusal to look at a scale during these last nine months....perhaps it was after lunch dessert.....whatever the case, I am confident I have gained more weight (though who knows how much more) this time around.  I am a whale.

3.  Tiredness.  Okay, pregnant women get tired.  That is just a fact.  However, I don't think that having a one year old and a three year old is helping me out any in the energy department.  I feel so much more tired during this pregnancy than I did with either Belle or Molly.

4.  Fear of being a horrible mother.  With Isabelle, we were totally excited to be parents.   With Molly we felt like we could for sure handle two kids.  This time I find myself wondering who is going to take care of all these kids!  Seriously, I know it will all work out and that it is just like before where we will have an adjustment period and then everything will settle down into a routine, but I am still a little freaked out.  I really want to make sure that all of my kids feel loved and feel like they still get some individual mom and dad time.  It will take effort, but I am sure we can manage.  Lots of people have three kids.

5.  Excitement to have a boy!  We did not find out what we were having the first two times.  This time, I caved and had to know.  It has been a totally different experience to know what I am having and be able to plan a little more.  In case you didn't know, I am a mega planner, so being able to control a little more has been nice.  I have all my boy clothes washed and ready (thanks to all of the people who contributed to my boy clothes!!!), and have bought lots of boy colored hats, pacis, blankets, etc.  The only thing that has been hard is the name...which I think we finally have a first name narrowed down, now we have to come up with a middle name.

6.   How fast the last nine months went by.  Pregnancy went by sooooo slowly with the girls.  Not this time.  I really don't know where the last nine months went.

So there it is, my list of differences.  I feel like I really haven't mentioned this pregnancy much at all on my blog, so maybe this makes up for it???  Do you have three?  What were the differences for you?  I would love to know!

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