The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Do It

By this time, little baby Lawson has arrived.  However, since I am fairly certain I won't have energy to blog about it, I have prepared this gem for you instead!

Isabelle has been pretty independent for awhile now, doing things like feeding herself, brushing her own teeth, putting on her shoes and socks, etc.  All things a three year old should be doing.  However, Molly has been more content to let mom and dad do things for her.  Until now.  Now, she wants to do EVERYTHING herself.  Which is fine, and makes me happy considering I will be taking care of a new baby, but the learning curve that is taking place is driving me nuts.  Take meal times for instance.  Molly refuses all help and is determined not only to do it herself, but to teach herself, rather than let her dad or I help her learn.  The end result is one messy kid, one messy table and a very messy floor.  Here is a pic yesterday after mac and cheese.  Yes, my kids eat mac and cheese.  Too bad I didn't get a pic today after cocoa puffs.  Yes, they eat those too.

hope you can see the massive amount of cheese on her me, the floor and table look about the same and you should know she did not use utensils even though they were provided
Every time she insists on doing something herself it is preceded by a very loud, "I DO IT" yell.  It is awesome.   She has also started insisting on putting on her own pants which is beyond frustrating because she can NOT do it.  Every single time both of her legs end up in one leg hole.  Then she stands up and of course she falls over.  Do you think falling over convinces her to let me help?  Nope.  It would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating.

Isabelle has been putting on her own clothes for awhile, but her newest thing is to pick out her clothes on her own.  In her closet (so you know) I have organized all her clothes into nice little matching outfits to make it easy for whoever to help her get dressed.  Isabelle refuses to take notice of my system.  She gets her stool from the bathroom and picks out a shirt and pants and hardly ever do they match.  Here is yesterday's outfit.

she was told she had to wear long sleeves, and instead chose short (of course) and while this isn't the worst color combination, it most certainly does not match
I am so thankful for the fact that Isabelle and Molly are so independent and are anxious to learn new things and do more and more on their own.  I am pretty sure that I will appreciate it more once I am home with a new baby.   I am also glad that in the mean time I get to take some pretty hysterical photos of them trying to do everything on their own!

Have a great weekend and hopefully I will have some Lawson photos up on Monday!

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  1. This is so funny! My girls are all about dresses, which works for me, since it's only one piece which means they will match....until we dig out the leggings. Oh my......