The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things Friday-blog edition (Part 1)

I think I am going to start a habit of talking about five things on Fridays.  Like five things that the girls said that were funny, or five favorite songs, or five fav recipes from the week.  It could just be five random thoughts from the past week.  Just five things, whatever they might be. 

Today is my blog edition.  Five blogs I am reading right now that I love.  Keep in mind I read WAAAY more than that.  In fact I almost typed the number that I read, but didn't want to look weird.  I am a lover of blogs.  I look forward to my morning coffee and my blog reading and when one of my favs doesn't post, well, I am pretty sad.  I have been inspired, been moved to tears, laughed out loud, and become a better mother due to some of these following blogs.  You should check them out.  Seriously, they are awesome. 

In no particular order, five great blogs you should check out.
1.  The Anderson Crew-  Emily and her family have recently adopted a child from Ethiopia.  You should read all about it.  Her blog is one that has made me laugh and made me cry.  She is also the one I link up with for Embrace the Camera days.

2.  From the Natos.  This girl is seriously funny, seriously addictive and seriously real.  One read of her blog and you will be hooked!  I can't get enough.  Also, as a side note, I think if she and I ever met we would be besties!

3.  Pioneer Woman.  Need I say more.  I. Am. In. Love.  I have become a better wife because of this lady.  Seriously.  I am cooking more than ever and I think it is because I finally found recipes that sound good and are easy to make and don't involve frying EVERYTHING and using forty sticks of butter.  Sure, her recipes aren't always the pinnacle of health, but they aren't horrible either.  I can actually cook her recipes and people actually think they are good!  If you are looking for a way to kill an entire day, check out her site.

4.  C.C. Miller Photography.  This blog has a bit of it all.  Cooking, decorating, photography, and funny kid stories.  Yes, I am a little biased.  She is our photographer.  Yes, I went to HS with her....BUT  I reconnected with her through her blog and have been reading ever since. 

5.  The Prince House.  Another blog that keeps me laughing.  Erin is seriously funny.  I think she should write more.  I could read her blog twice a day.  As a mother of twin girls she never seems to be lacking a good story.  And she is honest.  That is so refreshing, isn't it?  She tells it like it is.  I am so lucky to actually know this girl!

So there you go!  Five great blogs to check out.  And don't blame me if you get hooked on them also.

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  1. Whaaaaat?!!! My first shout out!! And, right there beside P.W. and Nato (who I blog stalk thanks to you!)! Thank you, friend! Love.