The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Let me first start out by saying that this story isn't going to earn me any mother of the year awards.  BUT, it will make you laugh! 

I am not sure how to potty train Isabelle.  I mean we have tried EVERYTHING.  She cares nothing about going potty on the toilet and she can't be bribed.  Candy, stickers, ice cream, all of it has failed to produce a child who wants to go in the toilet.  Trying to tell her about all the big girls she knows that go in the potty also has not worked.  She doesn't care that Abby, Caitlin, Grandma, Aunt Buh-Buh, Lauren and her mom all go in the toilet. 

So I am just doing what I know to do.  I sit with her, in the bathroom, whenever she says she has to go and wait for as long as she will.  This has never resulted in success, but I figure if she wants to sit on the potty I am all for it. 

But you see I have another child who demands my attention.  What do you do with a one year old while you are sitting in the bathroom with your two year old for upwards of 45 minutes?  Well, today the answer was, leave the bathroom to take care of her.

That's right, I left Isabelle alone in the bathroom sitting on her potty while I tended to Molly's diaper.  This was the result.

My poor daughter put her head through her potty seat.  And got stuck.  Like VERY stuck.  I thought I was going to have to saw it off of her.  I called Jason after many attempts to pry it off and told him to come home immediately.  His daughter had a toilet seat stuck on her head.  And at first she was all cool and calm, but after she reailzed it wasn't coming off she started FREAKING out.

As I was trying over and over to un-lodge the toilet seat, I noticed this handy warning.

Really?  You mean you shouldn't let your kid get stuck in a toilet seat?  Shocking. 

Meanwhile, Molly was being awfully quiet.  Isabelle and I finally get the thing off her head, and I call Jason to tell him not to come home and all is well with the world. 

Except for Molly.  The whole time we are having a toilet seat debacle, she is quietly playing in the toilet in the bathroom, scooping up water and drinking it.  I have never been more thankful that Isabelle is not yet potty trained. I said, not really feeling like the greatest mom on the planet, but luckily no one currently has a toilet seat around their neck and Molly is no longer drinking out of the toilet.  Ahhh, things that I never thought I'd talk about until I became a mom!


  1. OH MY!!!! I shouldn't laugh but I have so been there. No potty stuck on our head but many potty disasters. Ellie has been known to dump her little potty chair bowl on herself after she has went potty. Ugh! E is finally trained but it was so much harder than Molly for sure. Every kid is different. Good luck!

  2. Laughed so hard that I'm considering it the cardio I needed to do to work out my baklava backside!!! Oh, that girl!! My favorite is the last pic...she looks defeated, or resigned to just stay that way forever. I love that I have you to watch "go first"! H-I-larious.

  3. HA HA!!! This was fantastic! You deserve a starbucks, or foot rub, or somethin' for that kinda day!

  4. OMG, this is so funny, but probably not at the time! Can't wait to show it to Scott when he comes home. Those girls!