The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning List

A List.  Because I want to and I can!

1.  Molly has finally started sleeping through the night again.  She was always a great sleeper, sleeping ALL THE TIME until about 10 months and then she started waking up once every night.  At her year check up my pediatrician recommended a book by somebody Ferber.  I would like to say that the book worked, but I think it was that we are done nursing.  Either way, I read the book and it seems like a very good way to help get your kid to sleep through the night.   You should check it out.  Ferber.

2.  I no longer care about Charlie Sheen.  Our government nearly came to a stop and yet I am still hearing about Charlie Sheen on the news???  Really?  I'm over it.  I am also over the royal wedding.

3.  Isabelle has started demanding to wear pj's all day long.  Some days I let her, some days I don't.  People didn't seem to notice when she was at the post office in pj's and tennis shoes.

4.  I have not made a new recipe for dinner in like three weeks.  I can't find anything that seems worth making.   If you have a recipe you think is amazing, let me know.  I need some fresh ideas! 

5.  In less than two weeks I am supposed to run a 5k!  HA.  I will be lucky to finish! 

6.   Our last day of Directv was Friday.  I thought I would be going through serious withdrawals by now, but I'm not.  Also, saving $85 a month isn't too shabby either.

7.  I love this picture.

8.  Speaking of pictures, I can hardly wait until Saturday when we will get the sneak peek from Molly's photo session last Wednesday.

9.  I am pretty excited about Easter weekend at our church.  The series leading up to our Easter service has been AWESOME.  Whose Counting on You?

10.  We finally got a new car seat for Molly.  When I was buying it the salesperson helping me did what I think the entire baby product industry is doing.....trying to sell me something based on my fear.  The car seat I picked out was an Evenflo that has very high safety ratings, rated high in a consumer mag and was rated highly by moms on the store website.  The salesman however wanted me to realize that the $370 car seat would save my child in a car crash that would kill the rest of the family, but the one I was purchasing would not.  That apparently was the difference between the $150 one and the $370 one.  In one my child would die in the other she wouldn't.  In my rationale, who would want to grow up without parents???  So I chose the $150 one.  That way if we are in a fatal car crash we will all die, including Molly.  Nice, huh?

Tootles!  Have a great Monday.


  1. I laughed. Out loud. A real LOL. Car seat scam made me laugh. If it wasn't a safe car seat we would have seen it on the news - right after our Charlie update. LOL again. Molly is adorable, and I'm sure it makes her even more delicious now that she's sleeping through the night again.

    Where should I shop for cute Easter dresses for the girls?

  2. i shop at target for a lot of stuff, but got their easter dresses at babiesrus last year on a clearance rack!!!! i am a cheap mom, so i look for bargains. i have a feeling you will not have a problem finding cute easter dresses for them!

  3. Ditto on the LOL. Love the way you pick me back up after dropping me in the mud. Tootles!