The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, March 28, 2011

Facts about Molly

Molly is turning one this week.  I am in a mild amount of denial.  But...since she is going to turn one whether I am ready or not, I thought I would list some facts about Molly at (almost) one year old.

1.  Molly has four teeth.  She just started getting teeth and it seems that they are all coming at once.  She has two more that are almost in.

2.  She is walking and has been for about a month.

3.  Molly only wants to eat food that she can feed herself.  Forget purees, yogurt, oatmeal or soups.  If Molly can't pick it up and put it in her own mouth, she isn't interested.  Her favorite foods are carrots, peas, bananas, spaghetti and puffs.

4.  Molly is the most laid back child ever.  She does things at her own pace and never seems to be in a hurry to do anything.  She is content to play by herself or with her sister, inside or outside, whatever.

5.  Sleeping is well....not awesome.  For the last two or three months, Molly has been waking up once every night.  This is a MAJOR change.  She was the child who was sleeping through the night from the day we brought her home.  I am mostly to blame for this as I have yet to do what I know I need to do and let her cry it out for a few nights. 

6.  On the other hand, she still takes two naps a day, both for about two hours!

7.  Clothes are 12 months, no idea on the shoe size.  A trip to Stride Rite is in our future.

8.  Molly's favorite activity is to play with her sister.   

9.  Unlike Belle, Molly could care less about television. 

10.  Molly is a momma's girl.  Totally.  That is also the opposite of Belle, who is a complete daddy's girl.

11.  To discipline Molly you don't have to raise your voice or thump her hand or anything except say the word, "No."  Molly will be the child who grows up to say, "My dad never spanked me, he just had to look at me."  Molly is obviously less headstrong than Isabelle.

12.  And lastly, at one year old Molly is still a constant reminder of God's faithfulness.  While her first few days were kind of rough, they have proved to be one of the greatest faith building experiences in my life.   I am so thankful for a God who hears my prayers and is a healing God.  Molly is a testament to His love.

Now off to try and figure out her birthday cake.  Belle was easy.  She loved Yo Gabba Gabba so she got a Brobee cake.  Molly isn't really into anything so I am having a harder time coming up with ideas!  Any suggestions?


  1. So Cute!!
    Regarding the sleeping- have you tried to shorten one of her naps or consolidate them, so she will sleep longer at night? :)

    For her b-day, you could do like polka dots, or some fun colors?

  2. Love this. It's amazing how quickly it goes by. You'll be so glad to have it documented.

  3. Don't even!!! Roxy stopped napping at 15 months and for the last 3 days/nights I think I've collectively gotten 10 hours of sleep. I think Haven has days and nights mixed. She sleeps as long as I hold her. Roxy was the same though.
    Which is one of the reasons I haven't called about a visit :) plus the fact that I just stink. literally. *sigh* I need a shower.
    About the birthday. You never got to me about the hat for one.
    For two...she won't remember, don't stress. Have you seen the rainbow cake? Too much for me, but you could try it.
    this is not where i first saw it and does not do it justice but i cannot remember the sight.

    enjoy your one year old. Cannot believe it.