The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not OCD, just routine oriented

Isabelle has a funny bedtime routine.  I am calling it a routine instead of suggesting that she has OCD.  Though her recent addition of counting while she performs her bedtime routine has me a little concerned.  (KIDDING!)

Here are the steps in order:

Box fan on

Humidifier on

Ceiling fan on

Light off

Lay down

Make sure she has all the correct blankets (pink on bear-bear, yellow and white on her)

Prayer and kisses with mom

Prayer, kisses and singing with Dad.  (she specifically asks for "Mockingbird song" every night).

If any of the lights or fans gets turned off or on out of order or by someone other than Isabelle, the entire process starts again.  It is a little silly.  Jason and I have been attempting to break the cycle of craziness, but so far no luck.  I really am not worried about OCD, but I do find it interesting how stubbornly she sticks to doing the same things over and over.  Right now I think it is mostly due to wanting to do everything on her own, which hopefully two year olds outgrow quickly.

Do your kiddos have any funny routines?  Do they always want to do things themselves?  Would love to have some confirmation that my kid isn't the only weirdo!


  1. WEll yes we do! Molly has to have each blanket laid on top of her one by one and I have to say what it is. Polka-dot blanket...fuzzy blanket...Froggy blanket. Kiss, Hug, Lights out! She will be fine!!! :-)

  2. Maybe my kids are weird because I refuse to play the game? hhhmmm. You are probably doing it right by just waiting it out!

  3. hillary, glad to know my kid isn't alone! misty, who knows what works??? if yours are weird and you don't play and mine are weird and i do then what is the other option???

  4. I know this is a later post, but as you know I just now started following only comment is "like mother like daughter" Girl you are OCD and stubborn yourself so its only natural Belle would be the same way!!! I absolutely love that lil bug and all her determination to be independent! Most of all I love getting to see it in action on MOST wednesdays scrappin away!!

  5. Please tell me I've told you about Roxy's "organizing skills". (ie:read NOT autism, although it had me concerned for a nano-second. I think that comes from the jobs we had) Anywho...whenever we go out (not always) she will find like items and line them up. I have pictures and will have to post about it soon just so you can see.
    For example, at Borders they have this display of little toys to play with (purchase) like dancing robots or rubber duckies or airplanes and she will go through and grab all that she can find and line them up together. The line does not have to be straight, it can squiggle, BUT they all must be together. At the grocery store it will be boxes of noodles or the time she grabbed all the dog bowls they had on the bottom shelf, lined them up and then grabbed those bouncy balls from that tall bin thingy and placed the balls inside the bowls.
    Yeah...I actually kind of love it when she does it. Such a clever girl...