The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Money Saving Wednesday-Dropping Directv

Our church is currently in the middle of a series called, Broke.  It is a great series that has really challenged me to look at my finances and make some changes.  One thing our pastor mentioned when discussing wants and needs is that cable/satellite is not a need.  WHAT?!?!  But I need to watch the Today Show, Survivor, Real Housewives and Biggest Loser (just to name a few).  And I am pretty sure I need to watch them in HD.  Right?  Ummmm...turns out, nope, not a need. 

Since Directv recently raised my rates and cut the discounts I mentioned here, I have re-evaluated my need for satellite tv.  What I have decided is that I actually need the extra $1000+ per year I am going to save by pulling the plug on Directv.  And considering their less than stellar customer service recently, they have made my decision even easier.

But before you think I have gone all crazy and abandoned my favorite shows, let me reassure you I haven't.  I have found a better, less expensive way to watch my shows and even most of them in HD. 

First, we are buying an HD antenna.  This way I can still enjoy all of my favorite network tv shows.  I will still be able to enjoy 30 Rock, Survivor, The Office, Community, Parks and Rec, Biggest Loser, and Parenthood (which is the greatest show EVER). 

Second, I am going to upgrade our internet.  I am not sure on the price yet, but my guess is to upgrade to faster internet is only like $10 or $20.  Getting a faster internet connection will let me get movies and tv shows that aren't on the local stations via my next step.

HULU Plus.  This. Is. Amazing.  You subscribe for $8 a month and get access to all your favorite shows.  This will allow me to not worry about missing a show and not having a DVR, because I will be able to pull it up on Hulu and watch it anytime I want!

I have read multiple articles online and it seems everyone is dumping their cable these days.  With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the ability to watch almost ANYTHING on your computer (which we hook up to the tv) I don't know why anyone keeps their cable.

If we spend an extra $10 on internet and $8 on HuluPlus, we will save a total of $720 a year, and I will still get to watch most of my favorite shows!

Do you still have cable?  Ever consider dumping it?  I would love to hear if you have and how you did it!


  1. Tracy! You watch Real Housewives!!! lol.. You should check into Apple tv-its 99.00 and you get a small little "box" and you can watch youtube, netflix, and it can sync to your computer so you can play music, watch videos or look at pictures right from your living room, even if your computer is other room! :) So when you subscribe to Netflix, you can watch straight from your tv, and you don't have to wait for it in the mail. :)

  2. only the ones in orange that makes it any better!!! do you have to have a monthly subscription or just buy it one time and then pay for netflix and such? and what about if you have a pc instead of a mac? still okay?

  3. Love Hulu. You need to invest in a Mac ;P jk