The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Things Friday-Mother's Day

I started off thinking I would list my five fav moms today.....but then obsessed over hurting people's feelings....I am weird like that.  So I then racked my brain for something mother's day related to list five things about....five things I love about being a mom?  or five I hate?  What about five favorite mom moments?  I considered five pictures of me with the kiddos....but well, I don't look so hot in all those pics and we all know we like to put our best foot forward on the WORLD WIDE web.

Eventually I decided on the five things I hope to be able to do on mother's day!

#1.  Eat a delicious breakfast.   Hopefully waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Since J reads my blog and is a waffle maker extrodinaire, this shouldn't be too tough.

#2.  Sleep in or take a nap or perhaps....BOTH.  These girls have been wearing me out.  Both of them are teething which has resulted in two cranky girls who are having a rough time sleeping through the night.  I was up with Molly for 2 hours last night.  YUCK.

#3.  See my sista!  I love that lady.  She would have for sure made the list of my five fav moms.  Spending time with her is like waaay up there on my list of things I like to do. 

#4.  Scrapbook.  I am so close to finishing Molly's first year scrapbook.  It would be great to get it all squared away.  Plus what girl wouldn't enjoy some uninterrupted crafting time???

#5.  Get a massage.  So this one is probably the only one that has NO chance of happening.  I already got my mother's day gift so there is little to no chance that I am getting a massage also.  I love the place where I go and the dude that does it is phenom.  For all you ladies who think having a dude do your massage is weird...I say WRONG.  I need someone who isn't afraid to get to it, so to speak.  A weak massage is not for me.  Maybe since my birthday is in just two short weeks, I will get one for my birthday..we'll see.

bt is a pic of my mother's day gift....LOVE. IT.

I hope all you mommas out there have a wonderful Mother's Day. 

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  1. Super cute bag!! Hope all your Mother's Day dreams come true...