The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Five-Belle Edition

that girl loves her some chex

Are you bored yet with my Five things Friday?  Too bad. 

Today I am taking time to write down five funny things Belle has said this week.  That girl cracks me up.  Some things she says totally surprise me.

1.  "Tasty dinner, hon."  She has been telling Jason or I each meal that it was tasty and then calling us hon (you know, like honey).  No idea where she got this, but I think it is cute!

2.  "Drive safe."  She tells Jason this each morning before he leaves.  I used to say it, now she does.  Presh.

3.  "I want to go see Attle."  When Jason's dad and stepmom left after their visit, I told Belle that they went back to Seattle.  To which she replied that she too, wanted to go see Attle.  Adorable.

4.  "I'm a dork."  I do not find this cute at all.  Someone must have called her a dork (NOT ME), and she thinks it is a good thing.  So when she is telling me that she is funny, pretty, and smart she also includes that she is a dork.

5.  "Go crazy, Molly."  So on her favorite show, Yo Gabba, there is a part where they do a dance and after the dance they say, "go crazy."  Well, the other day while Molly was eating dinner she started squirming around in her highchair.  Belle looked right at her and out of nowhere says, "go crazy, Molly."  It was so funny.  Jason and I were both cracking up.

I feel like it was just yesterday that I wondered when Belle would start talking and now I can't get her to be quiet.  I think it is important to write down things she is saying so that I don't totally forget what she was like at this age. 

What funny things have your kiddos said lately?


  1. When Joe leaves to go somewhere, Ellie always tells him "Be Good Daddy!". I think he has told her so many time to be good, that she tells him now! Lol
    Ellie likes to hang out with Molly while she is using the bathroom. Molly doesn't like it! We heard her yell one evening "Ellie get out! Let me poop into pieces". I think she meant poop in peace. Lol I still laugh about it.
    Or just last week, Molly said her class did a parade when they were playing Pilgrims and Aliens. Indians, Maybe? :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. omg hilary...poop into pieces. that is great!