The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five

I promise that I am not going to resort to only talking about pregnancy issues for the next eight months.  But sometimes (like today) I will.

Five things that are different about being pregnant with baby #3

1.  No one really cares.  Sure people are excited and happy for us.  But really, Tracy being pregnant is old news.  I mean, wasn't I just pregnant like a month ago?  Not even Jason cares.  With Isabelle he was all taking care of me and telling me he loved me and not letting me lift anything heavy.  This time he mostly forgets I am pregnant.

2.  Morning sickness and nausea.  With Belle and Molly I threw up a grand total of one time.  I have already tripled that.  I feel sick almost all day every day.

3.  Coffee. I am still able to smell and drink coffee!  Whoo hoo!  Again, with Belle and Molly, the smell of coffee was way to much.  Not this time.  And yes, I realize I need to be watching my caffeine, but one cup of coffee isn't going to hurt anybody.

4.  Being surprised about the gender of our baby.  I think this time I may find out boy or girl.  Both times before we waited.  I think that I need to know this time.  If it is another girl, I suspect I will need some time to adjust to that thought.

5.  Weight gain.   I refuse to gain as much weight as I did the first two times.  In fact, doctor willing, I am going to still attempt to run a 15k in late October.  I will be six months preggers at that time, but I am going to try.  Continuing to run has got to help me in the weight department.  I do not look good the last month of pregnancy.  My face is all fat, my hands and feet are all swollen.  It is not pretty.  So this time, I am trying to not get as big as a whale.

Don't believe me on the face thing?

one month before Isabelle

regular faced Tracy

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Hilarious about Jason. And I care! And am excited to hear what gender the baby is. And yes, good luck with the weight gain, I too get fat in the face.