The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

worst. mother. ever.

i realize i have been neglecting my blogging duties.  sorry.  i am making an effort to remedy that.

nextly, (pretty sure that isn't a word, but whatevs) i am feeling like a terrible mother.  isabelle has been complaining about her ear hurting for at least a week.  she also has been getting her 2 year molars on the same side.  i just knew it was her teeth making her ear hurt.  she kept complaining and i kept ignoring her.  i was giving her homeopathic teething medicine (which of course, wasn't making her ear feel better) and insisting she was fine.  well,  after a whole weekend of her getting up every few hours in the night, i decided i should maybe take her to the doctor.  and whaddya know...the girl has an ear infection.  a pretty serious one at that.  way to go, mom.

so last night she was up again, every four hours to take more medicine and crying about how much her ear hurt.  i. felt. horrible.  what kind of mom ignores their child's complaining for over a week?  me, that's who. 

so yeah, i am feeling pretty crappy.  hopefully the drops and the antibiotic will help soon.  i would like belle to sleep tonight.  i too, would like to sleep tonight and i am sure that jason wouldn't mind it either.

on another unrelated topic....i haven't taken any pics of the kids in FOREVER.  that is why my blog has been picture-less.  i am trying to fix that also!  so check back in tomorrow or thursday or both.  hope you have a great tuesday!

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  1. No you're not!!! I would have done the exact same thing! She'll be fine. You'll sleep again. Polish is very good. I like it better on my toes than fingers, but it's one of the closest I've found, thanks!