The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates

So much happened over the past few days, I hardly know where to begin!

Belle is potty trained!!!!  Typing it makes me a little nervous, like that right as I announce success something horrible will happen.  But seriously, she is.  We did the one day potty training thing complete with teaching a doll how to use the bathroom and making charts and having presents and candy and after a long day of her holding it (she is incredibly stubborn and has amazing bladder control) she finally went!  That first success was all it took to keep her going.  She was going like a pro for the rest of the night. (Whoo hoo, I just had to take a break to take her to go again!)  Not only that, but we kept her in her panties to sleep and she woke up dry.  Normally I think people use diapers at night, but she has been waking up dry for quite awhile, plus we told her no more diapers, so we gave it a chance and she stayed dry the whole night!  So exciting.  I know that her being potty trained means she is getting older and normally anything that indicates she is getting older makes me sad...but not this!  I am excited to save some money on diapers!!!!

Next up, an update on my adventures in cooking.  I made a couple of new things this past weekend.  First up was Ain't Your Momma's Slaw.

I made this to go with burgers on Saturday night.  I was looking for something different and yummy that was also slightly healthy and this looked great.  Sadly, it looked better than it tasted.  You use a broccoli slaw mix, red bell pepper, dried cranberries, pineapple, almonds and zesty italian dressing mixed with a little brown sugar.  Overall it seemed dry even after doubling the dressing amount.  Also, the flavors while great individually, seemed weird together.

I also made a peach cobbler using PW's recipe for Blackberry Cobbler and substituting peaches.  It also turned out okay.  I LOVE the blackberry one, but for some reason this one didn't turn out as great.  I know for sure I needed way more peaches.  Jason said more sugar also, but I am not sure on that. 

This weekend we also started looking for a new vehicle.  We are going to need something that can accommodate three car seats and is affordable, so a mini van is in our future.  I had found one that looked promising online, but when Jason and my brother in law went to check it out, it had already been sold.  So, back to searching. 

Hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Stay tuned for Thursday's Embrace the Camera where I will post a great picture from this weekend's Sister Day.  Seriously, it is awesome.

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