The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I blog

I blog to record the happenings of my children that I am sure I would otherwise forget.  Like Belle telling Molly to, "go crazy" this weekend or telling Jason (after taking a bite of chicken), "pretty tasty, hon."  Or milestones like Molly's first steps or first words or first whatevers. 

I blog to keep friends and family that don't live nearby updated.  To have a place to post pics of things like birthday parties and Christmas.  To let them know what the girls are up to and what J and I are up to.

I blog to have something to show my girls when they are older.  I want them to know what life was like when I was young (I am still young, right?).  I want them to understand that all parents make mistakes, get frustrated and sometimes don't have all the answers.  I want them to see the choices their dad and I made to hopefully ensure they have a great future and to read about all the fun and funny times we had.

I blog to keep myself entertained/sane/occupied/feeling important.  Seriously, I like writing about toilet seat accidents and how I am learning to cook more and my love affair with Ray Lamontagne.  It gives me a place to get out some of my words for the day.  And trust me when I tell you I have a LOT of words. 

So if I never get thousands of followers (though it would be nice if I did), and if I never get millions of hits a month (though I would be okay with that too), and if I never have hundreds of comments (again, if I did I wouldn't complain), I will be okay.  Because that isn't why I blog.  I blog to be a record keeper, to make sure I don't pull my hair out, and for my girls and that is really all that matters!


  1. So good, and so true. I'll keep following and "hitting" and commenting, but your reasons are good and sweet and just as they should be. But, I love reading about toilet seat accidents too!

  2. Mmmm cold play came on when I came to your page. Love them! And one more reason you're a good, and witty writer!

    I made this soup tonight - if you like soup, it was yummy!

  3. thanks ladies! and thanks for the soup recipe mbear. can't wait to try it!